You’re entirely too fat in your face. You have neck wrinkles so don’t ever wear necklaces; you don’t want people to look at your neck. How do you already have lines on your forehead. Don’t cut your hair, your cheeks are already too big it will make them look bigger. Your arms are too big […]

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It’s 1:13pm on a Thursday in October and i can finally feel the space in my head again. The sun is warm on my face, stretching my skin tight. The breeze is light and blowing wisps of hair across my lips to get stuck in my chapstick. I feel it all. It feels so good. […]

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9:18pm Hozier Pandora

I write every single day. That has never been a problem. I started keeping notebooks when I was in the 6th grade. I would fill up one notebook a year at that age… all of which I kept hidden under my mattress because my mom was a snoop (God bless mothers who care). Now I’m […]

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Those feelings, darling.

This is certainly going to be the last sort of blog post you’d expect to read from someone currently backpacking through SE Asia. And I’ll probably waiver on if I should even post this for a solid hour. But with the small likelihood that someone else may find solidarity or strength in my words, I’m […]

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Tiny Explanations

Today I realized that I forgot to explain something pretty significant about this blog: the tagline. “May the next few months be a period of magnificent transformation.” Upon first scan, it’s pretty easy to assume this tagline choice was in reference to moving to Madrid. Well of course she’ll go through some transformation while traveling! […]

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